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Ashley Charlton Griffin is a digital content creator, writer, entrepreneur and public speaker. Her portfolio career consists of over 16 years of work experience in the fields of administration, management, human resources development, and communications. She is part owner and Creative Director of Multifacetedacg Productions LLC (MACG Productions), Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MACG Magazine, and founder of HallyuChat, an online live chat experience.
As an authority on the Hallyu Wave phenomenon, Ashley has showcased her writing skills on various popular sites, such as Korean entertainment websites KpopStarz, The One Shots, and MACG Magazine. She has contributed to several online communities with comedy, opinion editorial, and interviews; and previously maintained a blog featuring Christian topics and meditations on spirituality.
Ashley's YouTube channel, Multifacetedacg, showcases her trademark comedic commentary on Korean popular music (K-pop). The channel also features vlogs, interviews, and other non-Hallyu entertainment. She has been a Special Guest and Panel Moderator for KCON USA, an annual music festival, since 2014 and has led discussions on various topics, including: reaction videos, fandom culture, and cultural clashes. Ashley has also explored music production and choreography in various public appearances. 
Ashley is a sought-after speaker who has collaborated on projects and events with various domestic and international companies and brands, such as: Hallyu Entertainment, Aewen.com, VS Entertainment/MKF, and GFN's K-Popular, a radio show based in Gwangju, South Korea. Ashley's knowledge in K-pop has gained the attention of the World Association for Hallyu Studies and consultancy with tastemakers in the Music, Film and Entertainment Industry.

Ashley established MACG Productions in 2015 to further streamline projects and appearances as an event organizer and entertainer. Since its founding, the company has grown to cultivate the careers of other digital talent and entertainers, and further solidify itself as a sound contributor to the entertainment industry. 
Ashley has not decided on her forever home location yet, but obsesses over tiny house concepts to eventually call her home. She is an alumna of Southern New Hampshire University and supporter of the efforts of Kiva.org. 
Awards, Nominations & Acknowledgements
  • Honorary Reporter for the Korean Culture and Information Service, 2018

  • KCON Los Angeles 2017 Special Guest, Panel Moderator and MC

  • KCON New York and Los Angeles 2016 Special Guest and Panel Moderator

  • World Association for Hallyu Studies 2016 Inductee

  • Host, 진짜?!? (Jinjja - Really?!?) for Kpopstarz.com

  • Minnesota K-Pop Festival 2016 & 2015, MC

  • Assa! 아싸! Awards 2015 sponsored by Jazzy Group US, founder

  • K-POPjjang! MC (Virginia, 2015)

  • KCON Los Angeles 2015 Special Guest, Panel Moderator and MC

  • KCON Los Angeles 2014 Special Guest and Panel Moderator 

  • Special invited guest for Toronto Kpop Con 2015*

  • 6th Annual Shorty Award Nominee for YouTubeStar

  • 7th Annual Shorty Award Nominee for Hallyu Vlogger and YouTube Comedian

  • Aewen Radio DJ, co-host of Fangirlin' (2014)

  • Charter Member of FaithVillage.com (blogger)

  • Contributor to Examiner.com

  • Contributor to KpopStarz.com

  • Graduate of the Houston Korean Education Center

  • Special Guest on HwaitingRadio (화이팅Radio) Episode 21, Part 1 and Episode 23

  • Recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea and Arirang TV with a submission in the video contest "My Best Korean Friend/Favorite Korean Food is..."





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