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1st 30-Day Challenge: Failure?

I've a friend who constantly shares on social media and casual conversation that time isn't real. Every constraint Time creates is man-made, after all. Those constraints can make us panic and feel as if we're not doing enough with (our) Time. With this in mind, January 2022 isn't over just yet but I can say it now: I didn't learn anything new this month. That was the goal, and I didn't reach it. At least, not how I thought I would.

I didn't practice my language skills. I didn't read about a new and profound interest. I didn't even learn to cook anything new. I stayed exactly the same in this aspect. Where I changed, however, is acknowledging failure. I had an expected outcome for... shit, everything... and I'd turn my back on reacting to those losses.

I failed to finish business plan revisions. I failed to find a solution to a work-related problem. I failed at maintaining my fast, making time to workout, and getting some vitamin D via sunlight. I look pale and tired. I failed at avoiding tech problems, as I've un-deaded every PC laptop in my presence and worry that my MacBook Air will give up the ghost despite being less than a year old.

I've failed at creating content though I'm a content creator. A compensated-by-Patrons content creator. I have failed at ignoring what's going on in the world and that's added to compounded stress. I've failed at releasing new music, event one-sheets, and ah hell! I failed to follow up with an associate from at least 3 weeks ago and just remembered!

It's a lot to ask a person to be ready for January, that implied energy that it's a fresh start, especially during a pandemic. It's not all bad, though. Identifying the difficulties means that I can seek help. I can re-evaluate, re-assess, and reclaim my time.

Okay, okay, there's still a few days left. Maybe I'll have some successful greater than realization after all.

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