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2nd 30-day Challenge? A Success!

For the month of February, albeit not actually 30 days, I accomplished what I declared to do. Though not perfected, that wasn't the goal anyway. I passed along anything that I could wherever I could find help. I was flexible with most deadlines and forgave myself when I wasn't capable of focusing on every single thing coming at me.

It wasn't an easy thing to do. In accepting that life is fairly out of one's control, when able to find something to control it's possible for it it to grow into an obsession. In my case, that comes out through workaholic behavior. It concerned more than usual this month because I felt more anxious when not working than I realized. Yes, there's almost always something to do, but my world won't fall apart if the To Do List isn't conquered.

To deepen my commitment to not doing err'thang, I am assessing my budget to afford assistance. Things such as re-packaging products from my company to sell? That's a payout. Planning a major event? That's definitely a payout. Opportunities that present new doors? Not necessary to attempt to open them all.

In gains and accomplishments, help is needed. I welcome it.

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