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End of an Era

Hey y'all,

Though I didn't mean to use the cliched empty road, it genuinely feels right. Earlier this week, I announced that the "days of Multifacetedacg are coming to a close." I want to share the same message with you here. It's an odd feeling, realizing that this side of my personality and the work done will be gone and forgotten at some point, but for now...

I had a team, an entire company at one point, and (lack of consistent) funding made growth difficult. Now, I have funding, but sustainability is difficult. Thus, I'll look into feasible options but if sufficient support isn't obtained, then I will cease content December 31, 2022.

Thanks to Patreon, my podcasts will have automated marketing, as I can record multiple seasons and queue them long-term. KPSN will be available for purchase, including the annual fundraising event. And for now, the YouTube channel will remain live. It was, and still is, a video diary of some of the most amazing moments I've experienced.

Not all is over and done, however.

I will still consult, make some guest appearances, and write from time to time in the K-pop scene. Past mentees have been encouraged to share their knowledge with the next group, leaving me the space to open the door wider for them to shine. I'll still produce music as MsBlink from time to time; and aside from my day job, I will be transitioning my focus over to my business, Am7 Apothecary.

Though I won't live on social media as I once did, I'm still around. And you're always dear to my heart, MACGoalas (Discord's still our space!) and the community we built is unmatched.

Thank you for an amazing 10 years of content and creativity, with nine of them dedicated to being/building Multifacetedacg.

Bye y'all.

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