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February Challenge: Catch and Release

Updated: Feb 3

Before January 2022 ended, I had a rough time. I awoke today and saw a tweet from author Joey Comeau for the first time in a while. His mind is wonderful and his spirit is welcoming but complex. He was vulnerable in his recent Patreon post; and after I read it, I went to his Twitter account and saw the pinned tweet below.

What is it that we say on social media these days? "I see myself in this tweet and I don't like it." Umm... yeah.

I've been called a trailblazer, multifaceted, a visionary and futurist (this of all things, is the hardest to accept/grasp) -- those words convey creativity and responsibility. As Comeau put it, "having a giant light bulb for a brain" means that for every Aha! Moment, there's a high probability of shattering the vision by mistake. We have the ideas and a limited capacity to see them come to fruition. It's necessary to place the bulb's production in other's hands for it to shine at its brightest.

Therefore, this month's challenge is catch my current content, concepts, and plans and release them into more capable hands. This isn't a new thing for me but in sitting on the sidelines, I've seen and heard the feedback of others. I have the capacity to elevate others more interested in being front-facing and I'm going to lean deeper into that. Creating a sense of community with my podcast email list (I didn't even know I was almost at 300 subscribers until today)? Someone with more time and capabilities can do that. Outreach for the annual fundraising event? I've already made good on meetings last months to prepare others for the responsibilities. Editing my podcasts, refining my marketing, any and everything creative that someone with greater skills and experience can do? It's someone else's to take on.

I'm not content with being the "smartest" person in the room. That simply means the "room" is too small for me. Almost anything that I can delegate, I will. I will not be the source of an idea burning out.

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