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"I'm happy that you're happy."

Yesterday evening, just before my local shopping mall closed, I entertained myself by making a custom stuffed animal in honor of my partner. Tickled by the experience far more than necessary, I selected a light brown teddy bear with a cute face, stuffed it a little too firmly, and found a red t-shirt for it to wear. I could barely stop laughing as I went through the eight-step process, skipping steps that wouldn't be necessary, and rushed home to await my partner's arrival.

After a grueling work-day and minimal sleep, I knew that he would want to get into bed as soon as possible. Nonetheless, my excitement took over as I scampered from the kitchen to the living room to grab my new friend's Cub Condo and present it to my guy. He carefully opened the box, pulled the stuffed bear out, and humored me as he read its "birth certificate" and its parody name. It was all corny, I can admit it. As I laughed into oblivion he turned to me and calmly said, "I'm happy that you're happy."

Hearing that phrase from someone you love is amazing. It wasn't patronizing nor was it condescending. In being able to see me smile and laugh uncontrollably over something as simple as this, he had a moment to smile and laugh, too. The noise of my laughter, the level of my energy in comparison to his exhaustion, none of it mattered within those moments of time he gave me to share something with him that wouldn't mean nor matter half as much to him as it does me. He was simply pleased that I was pleased.

I hope to never lose sight of moments of simple joys in my relationships. From going out and buying my maternal grandmother's favorite sweet to enjoy, or listening to my paternal grandfather share stories from his youth, to splitting some pizza with my partner as I squeal over a stuffed animal. It doesn't take much to love someone right where they are, just as they are, with no judgment. I'm happy that he's happy that I'm happy. And he didn't have to do a thing. It's not a transaction. My happiness is my choice.

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