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"If you stay ready..."

Maybe you've heard the quote before, particularly these days in the "rise and grind" environment on social media. Let me first share with you where it came from.

Wow, eh? Such passion behind his words and delivery! I wonder what Will Smith today would say to himself then, what with the knowledge he has now.

Let me share this: It doesn't haven't to be this deep. Not at all. Be ambitious but don't die for every lil' thang.

In being prepared, that whole "stay ready" mentality, you must accept that you have to have your bare minimums addressed first. Will Smith is globally recognized and climb his own hills and mountains to reach the level of comfort he rests within now (and a lot of that... too much of that story, if you ask me... has been made public in recent years) so his perspective about the grind is likely very different. His bare minimums look different from yours and mine.

When I'm talking about bare minimums, I'm referring to the absolute smallest quantity of what you need to extend beyond just being "okay." If you know you need at least x-number of dollars in your bank account to sustain yourself if something happens and you're out of work, then be ready for the inevitability of that. Stay ready by consulting those smarter than you for guidance on meeting that need. If you haven't looked at your resume/CV in over a year, then you're not prepared for the moment when an opportunity to advance your career and interests presents itself.

If you stay ready, then you're not as likely to get the wind blown out of your sails when life happens. There's no avoiding bumps, bruises and upsets. Some thing, at some time, will disrupt whatever plans you had. If you stay ready at the bare minimum you need to function, then my hope is that you can endure it all. What will you be re-assessing today so that you're ready for tomorrow?

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