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The January Challenges

Off top, I'm doing this wrong, ha ha!


I just said that I was wanted to take on something new each month, yeah? I meant that to be one thing. I did! And I thought this month it would align more with my work (learning a new LMS and refining some other skills), honestly. I also thought it would be a mindful effort in getting back into language studies.

Naw. No, it's not going down that way at all. It shouldn't, honestly, since I just said that all I do is work anyway.

Instead, it is a 21-day fast and month-long prayer commitment. As a Christian, this is more of a calling than a random choice. Though not the first time in life I've felt compelled to do a fast, I have never done so for this long. I'm not Catholic but observed Lent for some time and I'd fail at whatever I set out to do at some point in the experience. I do best with individual days for spiritual clarification. Well, I believe I do best... I've not finished this to have a difference of opinion yet.

To non-believers, this likely sounds wild but fasting is not inherently religious. It's definitely a dietary choice as well as something that can benefit one's physical health. There are many types and it is not intended to turn into starvation (the severity of the symptoms are different). To those who fast from a religious/spiritual standpoint, it can be for a number of reasons that help to realign you with your beliefs.

I began the prayers on the 1st and the fasting begins today. I guess I can work through language drills next month. One (or two-ish) things a month, overachiever.

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