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"You can do anything for 30 days."

It all started with a public realization on Twitter that I've become 1-dimensional. Between work and, well... work... the pandemic snatched some of my facets. It's currently incorrect to call myself "multifaceted" from my perspective.

Yes, I accomplished some awesome things in 2021. No, I'm not minimizing those things. I'm pointing out the fact that I work, eat, sleep, and hop on social media for hours on end. I mentioned this to my partner last night, how I've become a work-from-home robot with limited interested and he simply agreed. He wasn't being rude, only co-signing what I was just coming around to seeing and accepting, but it still stung. It stung less hearing it from one of my friends just a few days earlier, honestly.

What the hell can I possibly do though, you know? My hobbies, my identity to some extent (... sheesh) was associated with the freedom to travel and get up and go places solo or with friends. It's my main interest, traveling. Second to that, a more affordable and commonplace hobby? Going to the movies. As I said in the threaded tweet above, the pandemic's altered those things for me and I am nobody's crafter so I have to find something else.

Enter Matt Cutts and his 2013 TED-Ed presentation. After Googling "hobbies for non-crafters," "the pandemic killed my hobbies," and dodging all the "hobbies that make extra money" articles and videos, I somehow came across the video below. It energized me. I thrive when I have goals I'm working towards and I used to suck at basking in the accomplishment. It was almost always on-to-the-next-one with me, but 2020 drastically changed that.

I need something to aspire towards. All the languages I know are rusting away in my mind due to limited (correct) use. I've some professional certifications I began but stopped. I've been considering returning to ballet... there's things to try and do. Watch the video below and maybe it'll spark something within you, too. It was enough to make me want to track my progress this year with each thing I attempt.

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